giving for the Kingdom of God

Giving to Odyssey of the ARK


By direction of Holy Spirit we have canceled our 501-c3 non-profit status and now have a "for profit" ministry layout. However, due to many Christians and non-Christians that do not have the funds to attend our events, we have recently begun to promote our events without requiring a set fee but instead relying on the Lord to provide for our supplies and other needs through "Love Offerings" and other generous donations.

Would you please consider contributing to our vision, passion and ministry in order for us to provide this equipping and training for people who may not have the funds to attend our events otherwise? You will not receive a tax deduction receipt but your rewards will be heavenly!

Thank you in advance!

~ Brenda Dukes ~ 

Founder of Odyssey of the ARK

Giving to the Poor


We have different opportunities from time to time to help with the poor, Christian and non-Christians alike. Sometimes they are homeless and sometimes they may have a roof over their head but need that extra boost to help pay a utility bill or other expense to stay afloat.

If you would like to contribute to this cause, please write "Poor" in the notes when sending your donation. 










Would you consider giving a donation?


Our Odyssey of the ARK team strongly believes that there is a great need in the Body of Christ for equipping and training the saints to move outside of the church buildings to fulfill
the Great Commission.
We are passionate in providing Kingdom of Heaven conferences and workshops
to help meet that need.
Because we realize there are some people that wouldn't be able to attend our events due to financial limitations, we have chosen not to set a price for attendance but instead receive Love Offerings and Donations. Your support and contributions will enable us to cover the many expenses that it takes to hold our conferences and workshops.
Your generous donation will help fund our mission to release the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.