Our Team

Scott Allen - Volunteer



Scott has been a regular attender of the different Odyssey of the Ark events for several years and joined the team in 2017. He grew up on the mission field with his parents and traveled to India on a mission trip in early 2017. He works as a film archivist in the University Libraries division of University of South Carolina. He is part of a home church family called His Way Inn that is part of the Four Square Church. 

They meet each Saturday in Columbia, SC.

One of his hobbies in his spare time is photography and he is always up for going on a treasure hunt. 

Samantha Lawson - Volunteer



Samantha has been serving alongside Brenda as an assistant since February 2015. She is the oldest of four sisters and she works as an assistant to an interior designer. She is an artist and she loves to worship the Lord. In her free time she likes to doodle, paint, hang out with friends, jump on the family trampoline and pray for and encourage people. She travels to Fort Mill, SC each Sunday to join All Nations Church, whom she considers her church family, in their weekly worship.  If you ever need a hug, Samantha is ready to pour out heaven's healing embrace to you! 

Arryana Dandridge - Volunteer



Aaryanna is a student at Midlands Technical College. She is an artist and has had several art pieces featured when she was a high school student. She has 5 sisters and is 2nd oldest. In her spare time she likes to read, paint and babysit. She considers Christian Life Church of Columbia her church family. You will frequently see her painting with the prophetic art team during worship at our Kingdom of Heaven Conferences. 

Jaylinn DeLeon - Volunteer


Jaylinn has been serving on our team, alongside her younger sister and mom for over 4 years. She graduated from high school in 2017 and is a student at the South Carolina School of Leadership. She calls Christian Life Church of Columbia her home church. When asked what she  enjoys doing and what her passions are, she says "I just absolutely love music whether playing it or listening to it. And I like artsy things  and anything creative!" A few of her talents are playing the violin and  dancing. 

Cariana DeLeon - Volunteer


 Cariana has been serving on our team along with her mom, Caroline and sister Jaylinn for several years. She is a home school student and enjoys meeting with her peers once a week in her home school co-op. She is an avid reader of fantasy books, likes to sketch and is currently learning to play the keyboard. Her favorite piano composer is Brian Crain, but she listens to newer Christian artists as well. She loves to relax and watch movies at the end of a hard worked day.

Caroline DeLeon - Volunteer


Caroline is a passionate worshiper and believes it to be a lifestyle, not just a part in a church service. Her husband, Jonathan and she have been married for 21 years. She is a home school teacher to their daughter, Cariana and she loves her tutoring job at the home school co-op that she and Cariana attend. Her eldest daughter Jaylinn and Cariana have served alongside Caroline on our ministry team for several years. Caroline and her family are part of the Christian Life Church family.

 She says that if she were to be given the privilege of leaving a legacy, she hopes it would be, "She loved the Lord with all her heart, soul, and mind, and she loved others as herself." 

Alexis Sawtelle - Volunteer


 Alexis loves working with children and is blessed to have a job that allows her to do just that. We are confident that her experience with children will be a great asset for our team as we expand to include more workshop activities for this young generation that is rising up. In her spare time you may find her hanging out with her friends. She attends 12 Springs Community Church in West Columbia. 

Shelly Kennedy - Volunteer


 Using her strong prophetic gift, Shelly has been serving on our team for several years. She is currently a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty, Inc.  As a very gifted artist, she enjoys painting in her spare time and has sold many of her paintings. Using her very beautiful voice for God’s glory, she is very active serving on Christian Life Church’s worship team in Columbia, SC. Another one of her favorite things to do is spending time with her family.  

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