Prepared Me for My Calling


TESTIMONY from Prophetic Training Thru Art workshop attendee!!  

"I have attended 7-8 classes since last year and this training has not only confirmed messages sent to me from God, but also has prepared me for what he has called me to do.  I have opened myself up to God to the point where the gifts of the Spirit have worked through me to help others. These are the same gifts that were given to the Apostles and that are being used now." L. Loftley

Back Healed!


HEALING TESTIMONY from one of our participants at our Prophetic Training thru ART workshop!!!  

"Laid hands and prayed for a new friend earlier tonight and laid my hands on his back and he said that I was in the right spot that there was pain bothering him after he had surgery on his back. And I asked him if he was feeling better and he replied and said "My back does not hurt  anymore." I'm so happy for him. God's awesome #YAY GOD"

~ Hudson G

Hearing Restored!


Treasure Hunt Testimony!

HEALING TESTIMONY!!!! Went treasure hunting in mall in Charlotte. I had "wrangling" and "ringing in ear" on my list. We approached a girl who had "wrangler" on her shirt and when we asked she said she had "ringing in her ear" & was 40% deaf. We prayed 5 times and SHE WAS HEALED!! Her HEARING WAS RESTORED! Yay Jesus!! ~Brenda Dukes

Mission Trip Confirmed!


Testimony from several Prophetic Training thru ART workshops!

"In  2014, I received a prophecy about a treasure chest full of precious  stones and gold - signifying gifts from Heaven. Later, I began to attend  the Prophetic Training through Art workshops. In three classes, I  received three prophetic drawings and paintings of treasure chests,  diamonds, and pearls.
One day, I noticed  mention of Ophir in the Bible, and how King Solomon received precious  stones from there. India is one of the suggested locations for Ophir.
All  of this served to confirm what God had been speaking to me about going  on a mission trip to India. His voice is sometimes a trumpet, sometimes  many waters, sometimes a still small voice - but God also speaks through  acrylic paint, crayons, and willing human hands. 
It's  not about "artistic talent". It's about our willingness to be His  paintbrush to deliver His message to a heart that needs to hear it."  ~Scott Allen



HEALING TESTIMONY from Prophetic Training thru ART Workshop!!!

(Permission was given to share the following with agreement of keeping the person's name anonymous on social media.) 

"During the time of training and activation for healing at our Prophetic Training thru ART workshop, one of the participants gave a word of knowledge (1 Corinthians 12:8) that the Lord showed them that someone had a problem with their foot and the Lord plans to heal it. When we asked the class if anyone suffered with a foot issue, a 13 year old young man said that he sprained his ankle pretty badly roller skating Friday night. His mom said that Saturday he sat most of the day on the couch. We prayed for him (at the workshop) and others that  heard words of knowledge for their afflictions. 

Here is the text I received from his mom yesterday!

"He still had pain when we left (the workshop) but was pain free the next morning!  He went outside and played soccer twice yesterday.  Praise God.  Thank you for praying." ~S



TESTIMONY from the Kingdom of Heaven Conference!!! 

"Hi. I just wanted to share with you how positive and amazing I have felt since the conference. Thank you so much for praying over me! I feel like several generational curses were lifted that day! I can't explain it but I feel such a release and relief. You are such a blessing to the kingdom of God! Please keep fighting Warrior  Princess!" ~Elizabeth S. 




RADEAN'S TESTIMONY!!! "Time of death.... Canceled!"  Praise God who literally brings the dead to LIFE!  He's the God of miracles!!  (Permission from RaDean for me to share)
On Thursday, November 30, I received a phone call from Radean's mom. He had overdosed on heroine. It was a suicide attempt. (***added note at  the bottom) Recovery from the burns over 60% of his body back in May was just too much. But he survived.... Again!
As difficult as it  was, I was not able to get up there to Tennessee right away. My mother-in-law was about to breathe her last in a battle with cancer. She passed on the following day. Jesus was proving the work He had  done in me. The storms were swirling about, But I was steadfast in Him. I was not shaken. God had this.
A few days later, after the family visitation and then returning my daughter to school in Alabama I headed up to Tennessee. RaDean had recovered for the most part from the overdose but has been transferred to a another facility for evaluation due to his circumstances. Family visiting days are limited to 2 days a week. But when God's hand is in it, His favor flows. Due to God's timing and my ministry credentials, I was allowed to go in and visit RaDean. He's doing great, considering. He's hungering for the Lord and more confident than ever of the call of God on his life. He's reading and studying his bible. There are solid Christians in the facility that he's staying in that are encouraging him. He knows that his testimony will encourage and set others free.
Here are his words about the overdose incident which had left him unconscious and not breathing when his mom found him.   >>> I had flat lined. The facility mentioned that the paramedics had given me a time of death. When I was in the ambulance I could hear them working on me. And then I heard one of them say "He's gone. There's nothing more that we can do". And they backed away from me  and quit trying to resuscitate me. And then I felt something like warm oil start pouring over my head from the top and flowing down. Then I  heard in a low voice say "JESUS!" And boom, I came back to life and started flailing around trying to grab hold of something. The paramedics jumped up and started working on me again. I know God rescued me from death. I know I'm a man of God and He has a big call on my life."
When I told his mom what he said, she said "Well that would explain what happened when I was following the ambulance. All of the sudden I started yelling "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!"

BACK STORY: I met RaDean at the SC State Fair last year (2016) in October while on a Treasure Hunt with 2 of my spiritual daughters. We were looking for people that we could love on and pray for. When I saw this young, good looking man (RaDean, 24 years old at the time) walked by me, the Lord gave me a vision of him speaking/preaching to a massive crowd of people. I chased him down and told him what the Lord had shown me and what he was called to. He said I wasn't the first person to tell him that. When I asked him if he was a Christian he said "no". I asked if I could share my testimony. He said "Sure". So I shared my testimony and what the Kingdom of God looks like. Due to my questions, he revealed to us that he was working for the carnival (traveling) and he was living out of his truck... Homeless. He wasn't ready to make the decision to follow Jesus at that time but he let us pray for him and I felt strongly that I was to stay connected. We exchanged Facebook info. He messaged me 2 weeks later asking for insight about having some bad dreams. I shared my insight. After a little more conversation I heard nothing else from him...
Until May 18...  At 4:13pm I got a text from RaDean saying that he was going to end his life that night (a torment he had had for 6 years). He said "I promised a relative id reach out to someone I thought could help before going through with it. We have only met once but you were kind and humble. I felt something in you I trust."  I immediately reminded God that it was His idea to lead me to this young man several months earlier and therefore I was expecting that He would give me wisdom on how to navigate through this. RaDean was again in Columbia. Since I couldn't find a man to go with me to meet RaDean that night, we talked on the phone, I shared more about what God's Kingdom looked like and he let me pray for him. As planned, the next day my eldest son, Andrew went with me to meet up with RaDean. Along with feeding him a meal and Andrew talking logistically with him about jobs (RaDean was VERY smart with lots of good job experience) we prayed and he made a decision to make  Jesus his Lord and follow Him. He had done this as a child but had  walked away from Jesus in his early teens.  He informed me that he had a spirit-filled praying mama in Tennessee where he grew up. In the mean time, through Facebook, I was able to locate her. A week later, 2 of my friends and I met him and prayed with him. This time he had a beautiful and powerful encounter with Holy Spirit and was baptized (filled) with Holy Spirit! I knew that there was more to his story that was holding him captive, I wasn't sure of what that was. He was homeless yet he was not begging or manipulating me for money but I made sure he was fed. What I later discovered was that he was struggling with a heroine addiction and had a past with crystal meth as well. Although I attempted to stay in contact with him, he quit responding to my texts after 24 hours (he knew I was going to be out of town for 3 days) I continued to cry out in prayer for this young man, whom I knew the Lord loved and had a powerful destiny and call on his life.
A  week later I received a text from his mom. RaDean had attempted suicide by emulation, pouring gasoline on his body and lighting it. 60% of his body had been burned. Ironically and unbeknownst to him, the day he had done this was on the Hebrew calendar date of Pentecost. During his stay in the hospital I traveled back and forth (one hour drive) to pray for this young man that the Lord had said is a mighty Prophet of God. The first day that I got there and had set my foot on the ground, the Lord rose up in me and said "You are not only contending for this man. You are contending for the Kingdom of Heaven to be released to the masses of people that RaDean will impact." Many wonderful and generous people contributed money to help Radean's mom and me with expenses. His mom had to quit working while staying in Augusta. A wonderful pastor and his wife, whom I had never met before, opened their home for me to stay so I could avoid the hotel expense. The hospital has a facility similar to Ronald McDonald house for his mom to stay and I was eventually approved to stay there as well. I'm in awe of all the prayers by the multitudes of people from all over the US and the world for RaDean, his mom and me. Things happen when we pray that don't happen when we don't pray.
RaDean was unconscious for almost 2 months. When he awoke, he knew that God had saved him and he was determined to fulfill the destiny that God had for him. He let me know that he wanted me to teach him everything I  could. He wanted to travel with me to conferences. And we knew he would also eventually speak at some of the Kingdom of Heaven conferences that I hold each spring and fall. My Christian friends that know me well, knew God had put another spiritual son into my life.
The recovery for him has been a difficult, challenging and painful process for him physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. He's been blessed with an amazing mom who has endured more than most parents can even imagine. He has a spirit-filled pastor who is also a licensed counselor that had been meeting with him on a regular basis and there are many other appointments that are in his support system as well.
I had been traveling back and forth to Tennessee to mentor & love on him and help his mom. But with all of these things in place, it wasn't enough. I had painfully watched him slowly start drifting in the wrong direction.The Lord kept encouraging me saying "Trust Me in his process." The challenge of pain management, other circumstances and of course the spiritual warfare surrounding him with the kingdom of darkness fighting to keep him from his destiny all took its toll on him. His foundation in Christ was about to be shaken... The suicide thoughts began to return and torment him. He contacted people and made a trip to purchase enough heroine to end his life....  But God!!!

If you are reading this and there is a situation in your life, a sickness, a  disease, a financial crisis, an addiction, emotional and/or suicide torment, depression, or something else or maybe there is a loved one of yours that is heading in the wrong direction and/or is suffering with these things, I believe there is power in testimonies. I want to encourage you to speak to the mountain that's in front of you like Radean's mom had done and say "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" And watch God's miraculous hand do only what He can do. He's the God that brings the dead to life! He's the God of miracles!!!
I love you all! Thank you for your continued prayers. You have our permission to share the entirety of this post. For God's glory.
***ADDED note on 1/12/18- I've talked RaDean several times since the heroine overdose. He says that the od was actually an attempt for pain relief not a suicide attempt. Although we know it was Satan's attempt for him (RaDean) to kill himself all the same. RaDean said it was probably a good thing that this first attempt at heroine since the burn incident led to an overdose otherwise he would be in the horrible lifestyle of heroine addiction... once again.